Saturday, August 8, 2009

Baby in tow

If you're planning to take baby with you to a conference, planning is KEY. Besides the usual reservation making, you need to make special plans for baby, including:
1. Childcare
2. Accomodations
3. Gear
4. Transportation

I'll address these in separate posts so this doesn't get to be monolithic.

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  1. Great posts. I find flying cumbersome with several kids in tow. I prefer driving. Spouse drives and we fill the car to capacity trying to anticipate every emergency so we aren't running to stores in a new city. This is limiting to some extent -- I don't usually go for the big national conferences. I'm always watching for nearby events. In years with no nearby conference speaking engagements, I supplement my talks section with invited presentations given at nearby departments. All in all travel to conferences is a big hassle and also a lot of fun in the sense that we get to see some cool places.