Thursday, September 30, 2010

Faculty meeting drinking game

There are days when faculty meetings make me want to drink something stronger than my usual Diet Coke (it's taken me three days to calm down from the last one!) So I'd like to propose a drinking game:

Everyone take a shot every time:
1) The philosophy professor says we need to define what we mean by (goal, learning outcome, critical thinking, whatever) before we can begin the discussion

2) The Classicist complains about how much we've gone downhill from "the good old days"

3) A minority faculty member complains about discrimination against minorities (even though s/he does it herself)

4)A departmental representative says one thing to your face in private and something different in the big meeting

5)The emeritus faculty member complains about a typo on page 1XX in the academic bulletin

6) A faculty member with children has to leave, because the daycares close at 5:30 and the cannonical meeting ending time isn't until 5:30

I'm sure there are more, but that would definitely get me drunk in the allotted time for a faculty meeting...Other suggestions?

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

The joys of Facebook

We're in the middle of curriculum revisions. After circulating an idea on campus (and being given a "don't talk about this" order) in the fall, the time has finally come to bring it out. It was sent to the faculty yesterday before a meeting on the same topic. I didn't get much feedback...though one person did post something fairly snide as his facebook status.

I really wanted to post something snide back. Really, aren't we adults here? Just tell me directly, instead of broadcasting to the world...